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Nova Construction Products Limited offer a range of rooflights manufactured from GRP for building and construction. 

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Standard Range Profiled

GRP Rooflights & Sheets 


FILON rooflights are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester resin (GRP), with unique light diffusing additives which scatter light passing through, to provide effective daylighting without hot spots, excessive glare or shadow. They are available in over 900 different profiles, to match all current and most discontinued asbestos cement and metal roofing profiles.


FILON GRP rooflights may be used in single skin and double skin site assembled applications and where necessary, including insulating intermediate layers to provide improved insulation levels for compliance with current legislation. FILON GRP rooflights are available in the various weights types of: CE18; CE24; CE30 and; CE36 respectively with nominal weights of 1.83kg/m², 2.44kg/m², 3.06kg/m² and 3.66kg/m².


FILON rooflights have excellent impact resistance and sheets for external applications are supplied complete with Filon Protect, a highly durable UV resistant polyester film, factory bonded to the weather face. This extends the durable working life of the sheet and the UV resistance limits sheet yellowing. Under normal conditions, sheet life should be in excess of 30 years.


The FILON standard range of profiled rooflights and sheets is available at sheet types to provide Class C and Class B non-fragile ratings in accordance with ACR(M)001:2014.


FILON sheets are supplied cut to length to suit customer requirements and the widths will be determined by the profile. 

Fire Resistance

FILON rooflights have been tested in accordance with BS 476 parts 3, 6 and 7 and are offered in three fire retardant grades of SAB class 3, SAA Class 1 and SAA1 Class 0. For technical advice on which fire grade should be used in specific applications please ask.


FILON rooflights are normally supplied as natural translucent GRP sheets. Colour tints can be offered in almost any colour, and as more colour tint is added the sheet becomes semi opaque and subsequently opaque in that colour. Opaque sheets can be used for many applications including the repair/replacement of asbestos cement roofs; as permanent cladding and also in corrosive environments where steel sheeting would be unsuitable.

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Reinforced Range Supasafe & DR Reinforced Profiled GRP Rooflights 


For applications where increased strength, load bearing, span and resistance to mechanical damage is required, FILON offers further enhanced reinforcement rooflights:

FILON DR (Double Reinforced) Rooflights 

FILON DR rooflights are manufactured from polyester resins and glassfibre mat, with an additional reinforced woven glass layer compared with conventional GRP rooflights. They have been assessed in accordance with ACR(M)001-2014 Test For Non-Fragility of Large Roofing Assemblies and are rated Class B when used in a single skin application or forming part of a multi-layer assembly such as FAIRs and site assembled insulating rooflights. The DR range includes CEDR24 (nominally 2.44kg/m2) which has improved strength characteristics over and above a standard production CE30 (nominally 3.06kg/m2) whilst CEDR30 (nominally 3.06kg/m2) slightly outperforms the standard production CE36 (nominally 3.66kg/m2).

FILON Supasafe (Triple Reinforced) Rooflights 

FILON Supasafe rooflights are manufactured from polyester resins and glassfibre mats, with two additional reinforcement layers, one of which is a reinforced woven glass mat. They have been assessed in accordance with ACR(M)001-2014 Test For Non-Fragility of Large Roofing Assemblies and achieve a class B non-fragility rating providing comparable impact resistance and load bearing capabilities to 0.7mm steel sheet.

Excellent Resistance to Weathering 

Filon reinforced GRP rooflights are supplied with a highly durable protective film to the weather surface which extends sheet life and reduces yellowing. Under normal atmospheric conditions, life expectancy should be in excess of 30 years with Supasafe around 40 years. 


Independent accelerated weathering tests completed under ISO 4892 and EN 1013-1 1997, confirm that FILON reinforced rooflights meet the highest durability classification under this standard.

Light Transmission

FILON DR and Supasafe rooflights provide excellent levels of light transmission similar to that of standard translucent GRP rooflights.

Accurate Profile Matching to Steel Sheet 

As FILON Supasafe and DR rooflights are manufactured using a highly sophisticated and carefully developed process coupled with enhanced performance glass reinforcement technologies, the end result is a much thinner sheet compared with standard production sheets which provide similar levels of impact resistance and load bearing capabilities. This much thinner sheet enables us to manufacture rooflights and roof sheets with a more accurate profile definition enabling much more successful sealing between side and end laps.

Fire Resistance 

FILON rooflights have been tested in accordance with BS 476 parts 3, 6 and 7 and are offered in three fire retardant grades of SAB class 3, SAA Class 1 and SAA1 Class 0. 

Wide Range of Profiles and Options 

FILON reinforced rooflights are available in a wide range of commonly used roofing profiles. Special colour tinted rooflights can be supplied to special order.


Industrial Rooflights

Providing high quality natural daylight for metal clad industrial buildings, Brett Martin’s industrial rooflights reduce the need for artificial light, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of any industrial building. The industrial rooflight range includes options in GRP and polycarbonate to match any corrugated metal roofing and cladding system for simple single skin installation or as insulating composite panels delivered direct to site for assembly or as ready to fit factory assembled Energysavers.

  • Wide and growing profile range.

  • GRP and polycarbonate material options.

  • Extensive options for on-site assembly.

  • Thermally efficient factory assembled Energysaver.

  • Performance options include non-fragility, fire ratings and U-values.

  • Comprehensive service and technical support.

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