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Nova Construction Limited can supply a range of Hexagon Head Caps, Spacer Ferrules and Horse Shoe Packers.

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Hex Caps 


Hex Caps.png

Plastic caps for hex head screws.

Product Information:

  • Available in 16mm, 19mm and 29mm. 

  • Available in various BS and RAL colours. 

Horse Shoe Packers 

Horse Shoe Packers.jpg

Plastic Horse Shoe Packers. 

Product Information:

  • To perform packing and levelling. 

Spacer Ferrules

Spacer Ferrules.jpg

Plastic spacer ferrules.

Product Information:

  • Colour: White.

Insulation Hangers

Insulation Hangers.jpg

For securing insulation.

Product Information:

  • Available in various sizes. 

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