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Nova Construction Products Limited supply various types of composite panel for roof and wall applications from UK's leading manufacturers. 

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JI Roof Panel

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The JI Roof PIR LPCB certified Trapezoidal Insulated Roof Panel is used for pitched roofs or horizontal and vertical wall application and an external insulated cladding panel for industrial, commercial and public buildings.

Product Information:

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  • Due to its ​metal inner and outer sheet, it combines thermal resistance with big spans. 

  • The minimum pitch to be applied is 4° or more after deflection.

  • Lengths Available: 2550mm to 13600mm.

  • Panel Thickness: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm.

  • Coating Options: Polyester, Plastisol C200, HPS200, Polyurethane and PVDF.

Kingspan QuadCore Trapezoidal

Wall Panel KS1000RW   

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The Kingspan QuadCore Trapezoidal Wall Panel System can be used for both roof and wall applications and in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Product Information:

  • Lengths from 1.8m to 29m. 

  • Cover width: 1000mm. 

  • Air leakage: 3m³/hr/m² airtightness certainty at 50Pa. 

  • Integrates with Kingspan Day-Lite Trapezoidal.

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Kingspan QuadCore Trapezoidal

Roof Panel KS1000 / 2000RW

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KS1000 / 2000 RW is a through-fix, trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panel. 

Product Information:

  • KS1000 RW available in lengths ranging from 1.8m to 29m. 

  • KS2000 RW available in lengths up to 20m. 

  • Kingspan QuadCore

  • Available in Kingspan XL Forte and Kingspan Spectrum coatings. 

  • Application - pitched roofs of 4° or more after deflection. 

  • Air leakage: 3m³/hr/m² airtightness certainty at 50Pa. 

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