Can be manufactured to your bespoke requirements. Available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses. Supplied as strips/angle on request (Polyethylene and Supaseal only). Suitable for eaves, ridge and roof intersections. 

Available in the following:

- Supaseal foam, a physically cross-linked material blending two flexible polymers into a closed cell foam. High endurability and flexibility 

- Polyethylene (PE foam) is a closed cell physically cross-linked polyethylene laminated with strengthening interfaces. PE foam fillers are widely used and cost effective for standard applications.

- Firestop is a mineral wool which is essential when a fire rating is specified. This filler can provide up to 6 hours fire protection.


Precision cutting machinery produces foam fillers to exceptionally high levels of accuracy, optimising seals and minimising energy loss. If your requirements are more specific, we can manufacture bespoke fillers for an extensive range of settings (eaves, ridge and other roof intersections).


Virtually every roofing and cladding profile is held on a database and others can be quickly added. Fillers are always precision matched to sheeting panels. Sheet manufacturer name or reference can identify the correct profile or profile drawings can accurately match dimensions.



The choice of flute depends on which side of the profiled sheet is to be filled.



Typically used at the ridge, filling the inter-profile between ridge cap and corrugated roof sheet, this filler fits on the outside of the sheet. For a reverse profile the large flute filler goes outside the sheet.



Typically used under the roof sheet at the eaves, the small flute (when integrated) fills the inter-profile cavity between sheet and structure.


Self-Adhesive Fillers

Bonded butyl sealants can be applied to the profile, the base or both, offering easier location and improved weather seal.



Large and small flute fillers are manufactured with a standard 6mm base. Extended base depth available on request.

Filler Angle

Fillers to be fitted along roof hips and valleys must be cut to the angle formed by the flashing or valley and short dimension of the profiled sheet *(true angle). It must also be determined if the filler is left or right handed. 
*This depends on both the plan angle and pitch of the roof; we can calculate this if required.

Ventilated Fillers

Trimmed Profile - Small Flute​

Allows condensation forming on the under side of the sheet to run down over the top of the filler.

Ventilation Channels - Large Flute


V shaped nicks in the foam allow condensation forming on the ridge flashing to run down over the top of the filler. 

Mesh Inserts - Large Small Flutes


19mm mesh vents situated in the body of the flute prevent insects entering the void whilst allowing airflow.

Ferrule Vents - Large and Small Flutes 


22mm ferrule vents situated in the body of the flute allow airflow.

Fire Stop Fillers 

Made to order FIRE STOP C144 is designed to be fitted above compartment walls and into corrugations where complete resistance to fire is required.

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